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The old main of the Albert Palace has been built by Paul Hankar, an architect whose name is mentioned in the same regard as Henri van de Velde or even Victor Horta.

Constructed at the end of the nineteenth century, a true marvel of neoclassical architecture, the building was intended as the main seat of the CGER.

Alfred Chambon, a truly inspired architect of local fame and scion of a reputed line of architects, constructed several more buildings shortly after the second world war The infamous “horseshoe” design is his work.

The modern-day equivalent of these architectural savants found a way to incorporate the glorious past into the present.

Saar Zafrir, one of the world’s leading designers enacted a vision where he could combine this building’s glorious past with all the marvels and comfort of this technological age.

In essence, it all boils down to the basic nature of life. It needs to be lived. It needs to be experienced. Every little shred, every exotic flavor.

The Albert Palace grants you that possibility by drenching you in everything that makes life worth living. Passion, beauty, and elegance.e part of the city’s history, present and future.

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